10 Essential Slangs

#1 형광등 (hyeong-gwang-deung)

You know when you turn a light on in a room, and it waits and flickers a bit before lighting up the room? Well, that’s what the analogy that this bit of slang, 형광등, is going for. Used to describe a person who is slightly slow at catching on, it’s used for people who don’t really get what’s going on or who don’t understand jokes straight away.

#2 안물 (an-mool)

A shorted form of the first two syllables of 안 물어보다 (an mool-eo-bo-da), 안물 literally means, “didn’t ask.” If a person is giving an unsolicited and unwanted opinion, 안물 can be used and has the meaning, “I didn’t even ask what you think.” Not used in polite situations, it has a bit of a “bitch, please” connotation to it.

#3 귀척 (gwee-cheok)

A shorted form of 귀여운 척하다 (gwee-yeo-oon cheok-ha-da), it means “pretending to be cute” or “acting cute”. This one is used when you’re telling somebody to stop it with the cute act, and you need to add a 하지마 (ha-jee-ma) to the end. So, 귀척 하지마 (gwee-cheok ha-jee-ma) has the meaning of “stop acting all cute!”

#4 짱 (jjang)

The word 짱 is extremely common when it comes to Korean slang, and is used to describe something that is cool or awesome, or somebody who has a great skill at something. If you see something that you think is pretty damn cool, you can say, “짱이다!” (jjang-ee-da) to express your approval. It can also be attached the Korean word for body, 몸 (mohm), to say that someone has a great body (so 몸짱, mohm-jang) or used as 얼짱 (eol-jjang), with the 얼 coming from 얼굴 (eol-gool), the Korean word for face. The latter is used for a very handsome man or beautiful woman.

#5 불금 (bul-geum)

Used once a week, 불금 is short for 불타는 금요일 (bul-ta-neun geum-yo-eel), which translates as “burning Friday”. It roughly translates as TGIF, and also has the connotation, “let’s go out and drink!” Use it along with the phrase “끝까지 달리자” (ggeut-gga-jee dal-li-ja), “let’s run until the end”, if you’re having a hardcore party night at the end of the week.

#6 엄친아 (eom-chin-a)

엄친아 is a shortened version of 엄마 친구 아들 (eom-ma chin-goo a-deul), meaning “my mom’s friend’s son.” Korean mothers are often fairly competitive and compare their children against the offspring of their friends. 엄친아 is used to describe a person who is more successful or skilled than you – the kind of person your mother would compare you to in a negative light. If you’re using the phrase about a woman, you can change it to 엄친딸 (eom-chin-ddal), which means “my mom’s friend’s daughter.”

#7 안습 (an-seub)

This one is short for 안구에 습기 (an-gu-eh seup-gee), which refers to the moisture in your eyes from when you’re about to cry. 안습 isn’t used for emotional situations, rather it’s used in a sarcastic way, as in, “it’s so bad, I’m about to cry.” For example, if your friend just got a new hairstyle but the stylist botched it up, you could say “너 머리 안습” (neo meo-ri an-seub), meaning “your hair is so bad, I’m about to cry.” You’re not actually going to cry, though – although saying something like that might cause your Korean friend to shed a tear or two.

#8 소맥 (so-maek)

A word known by almost all in the western expat community in Korea, 소맥 refers to a combination of 소주 (soju) and 맥주 (maekju, aka beer) that people often mix together at bars or when enjoying a feast of samgyeopsal. You can alter this one if you’re incorporating fried chicken into the mix – 치맥 (chee-maek) – is sort for 치킨하고 맥주 (chicken-ha-go maekju), literally chicken and beer, and is used if you’re getting yourself some fried chicken and some beer to accompany it.

#9 뒹굴뒹굴 (dwing-gool dwing-gool)

This one is used when you’re bored and are just killing time with nothing to do. Maybe you’re aimlessly surfing the internet watching videos from your childhood (why hello, Rita Repulsa), maybe you’re supposed to be studying but you’re just sat there doodling pictures of rockets and cakes. If someone asks what you’re doing, you can say “집에서 뒹굴뒹굴 거려” (jee-beh-seo dwing-gool dwing-gool geo-ryeo), which means, “oh, I’m just doing nothing at home” or “I’m just killing time.”

#10 딸랑딸랑 (ddal-lang ddal-lang)

Everyone has that one person in their office that is a total kiss-ass. I know I sure do in my office, and you can use 딸랑딸랑 to describe them. 딸랑딸랑 refers to the sound that a bell makes, like on a dog’s collar. To use it to talk about a person, you could say, “그 사람는 상사에게 자주 딸랑딸랑 거려” (geu sa-ram-eun sang-sa-eh-geh ja-joo ddal-lang ddal-lang geo-ryeo), which translates as, “that person always sucks up to the boss,” and refers to someone who does so in an insincere manner.


credits: Waegook Tom

Dec0ding: Davichi (다비치) _ Stop the Time (시간아 멈춰라)

Image result for time stop davichi

눈물(tears)이 나(+다 to spring forth)기 전에(~before) 그대로(as it is/that way) 멈춰라(stop)

*Stop before the tears begin to flow

이별(separation)이 오(+다 to come)기 전에(~before) 그대로(as it is/that way) 멈춰라(stop)

*Stop before separation comes

그대(you)가 떠날 수 없게(cannot leave)

*You cannot leave

(me) 버리고 갈 수 없게 (cannot let go)

*You can’t let go of me

지금(now)(this) 순간(moment)부터(from) 시간(time)아 멈춰라(stop)

*At this very moment, time stop

잘가란(goodbye/farewell)(words) 어떻게(how) 잘하란(goodbye/farewell) 거니

*Saying goodbye, how can that be good?

어떻게(how)(you) 웃으며(while smiling) 보내란(send) 거니

*How can I send you off while smiling?

그런(that) 거 나(I)는 못해(can’t do)

*I can’t do that

못 들은 걸로(didn’t hear) 할래(will do)

*Let’s pretend not to hear

아무말(any words) 말고(don’t and) 그대로(like that/that way) 멈춰라(stop)

*Don’t say anything and stop

떠나려는(leave) 발걸음(footsteps) 바닥(floor)에 붙어라(stick/cling)

*Stick the leaving foorsteps on the floor

이별(separation)을 말하려는(say/speak) 입술(lips)도 붙어라(stick/cling)

*Stick the lips that speak of separation

그대(you)가 떠날 수 없게(cannot leave)

*You cannot leave

(me) 버리고 갈 수 없게 (cannot let go)

*You can’t let go of me

지금(now)(this) 순간(moment)부터(from) 시간(time)아 멈춰라(stop)

*At this very moment, time stop

잘가란(goodbye/farewell)(words) 어떻게(how) 잘하란(goodbye/farewell) 거니

*Saying goodbye, how can that be good?

어떻게(how)(you) 웃으며(while smiling) 보내란(send) 거니

*How can I send you off while smiling?

그런(that) 거 나(I)는 못해(can’t do)

*I can’t do that

못 들은 걸로(didn’t hear) 할래(will do)

*Let’s pretend not to hear

아무말(any words) 말고(don’t and) 그대로(like that/that way) 멈춰라(stop)

*Don’t say anything and stop

화낸김에(In anger) 헤어지잔(break up) 말도(words) 했었고(did not do)

*In anger we spoke of breaking up and

(smile)는 낯(face)에 침뱉기도(spit) 많이(many) 했지만(did but)

*I even spat on that smiling face but

(you)가 내게(to me)(one) 것만큼(as much as)(one) 게 다잖아

*I only did to you what you did to me

이제와서(after so long a time)(you)가 나(I)를 버릴 순 없어(can’t throw away)

*After all this time you can’t just throw me away

말이라고(the thing your saying) 모두(everything)(all) 말되는 거니(making)

*Do all those words make sense?

어떻게(how)(you) 안녕(bye)을 말하는 거니(say)

*How can you just say bye?

그런(that)(word) 이해(understand) 못해(can’t)

*I can’t understand that word

안 들은 걸로(didn’t hear) 할래(let’s do)

*Let’s pretend we didn’t hear that

떠나는(leaving) 걸음(steps) 그대로(as it is) 멈춰라(stop)

*Stop taking a step a way from me

First and Last Post of The Year (2015년 12월 27일)

Hey there! Whoever might have chanced to find this website.  I’m just going to say hi to you earthling.  It’s been a while since I posted anything in here.  Well I sometimes visit the website once or maybe twice a month but I haven’t really gotten anything going in here.  I promised in my earlier posts that I would be doing more work but ended up doing nothing so…what a total bummer! I’m a promise breaker and I should probably drown in the feces of unborn fishes.  If they have.  I don’t really think that there is any need to post this post, but I actually have a tiny bit of update for anyone who is reading this.  Just recently, I downloaded this app called Hellotalk and that’s what I’m going to talk about in this post.


This is not my screen shot, but as you can see you can talk with Korean natives who want to learn English  in this app.  It’s totally free, but if you want more benefits you could go premium which includes learning or teaching one more language.  This enables you to practice your written and maybe even speaking skills.  Although I have only tried calling a Korean native once and we didn’t really have a lot to talk about.  Have I told you that this is not only restricted for Korean learning? Oh I haven’t? Well now I have.  You can also practice other languages.  I haven’t checked them out yet, but you could try it for yourselves and see what other languages you could learn with it.

Another thing is that Koreans that you meet using this app tend to want to transfer to another app and that app is (insert drum roll please) unsurprisingly Kakaotalk.  You can actually download this app on your phone and on your PC or Mac.  Since they are Korean so it’s not really surprising that they would prefer Kakaotalk.  Anyway thee is’t much difference except maybe that Kakaotalk’s interface is so much cuter than any messaging app that I’ve ever seen.   It’s super adorable and with tons of emoji.  I think you’ll love it!

Here’s another screenshot which is once again not mine.


And that’s it for this post! I hope to visit this site more often as my new years resolution for the year 2016! (good luck with that gal)



Dec0ding: Ailee(에일리) _ I will show you(보여줄게)

내가(my) 사준(bought) 옷을(clothes) 걸치고(put on and) 

*Putting on the clothes that I bought for you

내가 (my) 사준 (bought) 향술 (perfume) 뿌리고(sprinkle and)

*Using the perfume that I bought for you

지금쯤(by now)(you) 그녈(her) 만나(meeting) 

*By now you’re meeting her

(again) 웃고 있겠지 (must be laughing)

*You must be laughing again

그렇게(so) 좋았던 거니(to be that good)

*Was she that good?

(me) 버리(throw away)(and) 떠날(leave) 만큼(to an extent)

*That you would throw away and leave me?

얼마나(how much)(more) 어떻게(how)(more)(good) 해야 한 거니(should have to be done)

*How much more, how much better do I have to do?

너를(you) 아무리(no matter how) 지울래도 (to try to erase)

*No matter how much I try to erase you

함께한(to be together) 날이(days) 얼마인데(how much)

*How much time we were together

지난(pass) 시간이(time) 억울해서 (to be regretable)

*I regret the passed time

자꾸 (again)눈물이(tears) 흐르지만(to flow)

*Tears flow again but


보여줄게(will show) 완전히(totally/completely) 달라진(changed)(me)

*I will show you a totally changed me

보여줄게(will show) 훨씬(by far)(more) 예뻐진(pretty)(me)

*I will show you a by far prettier me

바보처럼(like a fool) 사랑(love) 때문에(because)

*Like a fool because of love 

떠난(leave)(you) 때문에(because) 울지 않을래(will not cry) whoa oh whoa oh

*Because you left I will not cry whoa oh whoa oh

(more) 멋진(cool) 남잘(man/guy) 만나 (meet)

*I’ll meet a cooler guy

(surely) 보여줄게(will show) 너보다(than you) 행복한(happy)(me)

*I will surely show you that I am happier than you

(you) 없이도(without) 슬프지 않아(not sad) 무너지지않아(not break down)

*Without you I won’t be sad an I won’t break down

Boy you gotta be aware lalala lalala

산뜻하게(neatly) 머릴(hair) 바꾸고 (exchange/replace)

*My neatly changed hairstyle

정성(care) 들여(effort) 화장도 하고(to do make up)

*I carefully do my make up

하이힐에(high heel) 짧은(short) 치마(skirt) 모두(everyone)(me) 돌아봐(turn around)

*High heels, short skirt, everyone will turn around to look at me

우연히(accidentally) 라도(though)(you) 만나면(If meet)

*If accidentally I meet you 

눈이(eye) 부시게(dazzling) 웃어주며(smile)

*I’ll give you a dazzling smile

놀란(surprised)(you) 모습(appearance) 뒤로 한(away)(no change) 

*I will pass by your surprised appearance

또각 또각(click clack) 걸어가려 해(go walk away)

*I will walk away with a click clack


니가(your) 줬던(gave) 반질(ring) 버리고(throw away)

*I will throw away the ring that you gave me 

니가(your) 썼던(wrote) 편질(letter) 지우고(erase)

*I will erase the letters that you wrote

미련(lingering attachment) 없이(without) 후회(regret) 없이(without)

*Without lingering attachment, without regret 

잊어 줄 거야(will forget) 너를(you) 잊을래(will forget) 너를(you) 지울래(will erase)

*I will forget! I will forget and erase you


Dec0ding:신화 (SHINHWA) – Venus

눈부신(dazzling) 너의(your) 모습(appearance)(I) 멈추게 해(stop)

*Your dazzling appearance makes me stop

머리부터(from head) 발끝까지(to toe) 모두(everything) 완벽한 걸(is perfect)

*From head to toe, everything is perfect

아무 말 없이(without a word) 스치던(passing)(I) 첨 본(see) 순간(moment)

*The moment I saw you passing by without a word

you light up ~ light up ~ light up~ light up~

꿈만(dream) 같았어(like similar) (dreamer~dreamer~)

*It’s just like a dream (dreamer~dreamer~)

실크(silk)(light) 너의(your) 드레스(dress) (angel~angel~)

*Your silk light dress (angel~angel~)

숨결이(breathing) 느껴져(feel) (closer~closer~)

*I feel your breathing (closer~closer~)

너를(you) 부르고 있어(calling)

*I am calling you


your ma luv uh! uh! uh! uh! uh! uh! venus

얼어붙어(frozen) 버린(abandon)(my) 몸을(heart) 녹여(melt)

*My frozen abandoned heart is melting

(you) 잡고(hold/catch) 잡고 싶은걸(I want to hold/catch) (just say your love)

*I want to hold, hold you

(you) 잡고(hold/catch) 잡고 싶은(I want to hold/catch)(heart) (just say your love)

*I want to catch, catch your heart

your ma luv uh! uh! uh! uh! uh! uh! venus

뛰는(beating) 가슴은(heart) 지금(now)(you) 향하고(heading/pointing)

*Now my heart is beating for you

(you) 갖고 (get)갖고 싶은(I want to get) 걸 (just say your love)

*I want to get, get you (just say your love)

(you) 갖고(get) 갖고 싶은(I want to get) 맘(heart) (just say your love)

*I want to get, get your heart (just say your love)

rap 환상적인(fantastic) 너의(your) 아름다움(beauty)

*Your fantastic beauty

You’re goddess heaven sent fallin’ down

너무(too) 차원이(dimensions) 달라(different) 비교(in comparison)조차(besides)

*You’re in very different dimension in comparison

저주받을(cursed/damned) 범죄(offense/crime)일지도 몰라(don’t know)

*This might be a damned crime

자꾸(again and again) 너와(with you) 같은(together) 곳엔 destiny

*Again and again I am in the same place as you destiny

너의(your) 그림자만(only shadow) 봐도(even see)(I)(you) 느껴(feel)

*Even though I only see your shadow, I can feel you

이젠(now) 너를(you) 놓칠까(lose)(see/look) 미칠(crazy) 것 같아(I think)

*If I loose you now I might go crazy

you light up ~ light up ~ light up~ light up~

둘만의(only two’s) 시간(time) (dreamer~dreamer~)

*Our time together (dreamer~dreamer~)

(that) 환상(fantasy/illusion) 속에서(inside) (angel~ angel~)

*Inside that fantasy (angel~angel~)

멈춰선(stopped) my venus (closer~closer~)

*My Venus stopped(closer~closer~)

너를(you) 원하고 있어(wanting)

*I want you


신비로운(mysterious) your eyes 눈부신(dazzling) this night

*Mysterious your eyes, dazzling this night

아주(quite/far)(far) 곳으로(place) 데려갈게(will take away)

*I will take you away to far away places

(hand) 끝에(at the end) 닿을 때(touch)

*When the tips of our hands touch

I got to love you no one else above you

24/7 always thinkin’ of you

날개를(wings) 펼쳐(spread)

*Spread your wings

구름위로(through the clouds)(more) 높이(high) 날아가(fly)

*Fly higher to the clouds

higher baby, Let’s fly, touch the sky, no doubt that You’re

one of a kind, now let’s ride to the moon we can own the night

(your) 맘을(heart)(all) 비워버리고(empty)

*Empty your heart

I’ll blow your mind

your ma luv uh! uh! uh! uh! uh! uh! venus

얼어붙어(frozen) 버린(abandon) 내(my) 몸을(heart) 녹여(melt)

*My frozen abandoned heart is melting

(you) 잡고(hold/catch) 잡고 싶은걸(I want to hold/catch) (just say your love)

*I want to hold, hold you

(you) 잡고(hold/catch) 잡고 싶은(I want to hold/catch) 맘(heart) (just say your love)

*I want to catch, catch your heart

Unlike other girls your outta this world

천사들도(even angels)(all) 무릎(knee) 꿇을걸(bow before)

*Even angels kneel before you

꿈속에만(only in dreams) 일어나는(happen/occur)

*This can only happen in dreams

눈앞에(in front of eyes) 여신이(goddess) 이뤄주는 것(make)

*A goddess has been made in front of my eyes

these stars all dance around you all night I’m crazy bout you

Don’t ever never leave us you’re my love my love venus

¡Hola! & 안녕하세요 (2014년 5월 19일)

You must have been wondering “What’s with the titles?” well let me just tell you one thing that I’m sure got into your mind right away when you saw the title.  Yes, I am learning Spanish.  I started learning 6 days ago and I must say this – it is so much easier than Korean, which kind of is an obvious fact knowing that Spanish and English have almost similar sentence structures.  There were also some words that were frequently used in English but have Spanish spelling (something of that sort) and I find myself being able to construct sentences easily with Spanish.  I am already familiar with – lets just say – 300+ words and could pretty much strike up a conversation.  But only a five minute conversation.  So I’ve pretty much thought about putting in Spanish songs in this website and then translating it.  I still have to really think much about it thought.  I am learning Spanish in this website. If you also want to learn Spanish and other languages (it also has lessons in French, Portuguese, Italian and others ) then you could check this out.

Ok so while I am ever so faithful in learning Spanish, just take note that I am so not stopping my Korean Language learning.  Hence, I will continue to post my song translations.  (Weeeeee!) I really think that this thing is working out great for me since translating songs enables me to catch up on the Korean vocabulary and become more familiar with the sentence structure.  Although I have temporarily stopped going through lessons, I will resume once again in the future when I get enough leverage in my Spanish skills.  I really am not worried with mixing up these two since it’s nearly impossible.  Haha.  ^_^ I really hope that I could become fluent in Korean.  Hmmm.  I was thinking of writing my Korean journals once again?  잘 모르겠는데요…  

Soooo that was it.  I hope you guys continue to hover around my website in the future.  ^_^